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Fibreglass Flat Roofing

domestic Flat RoofingA fibreglass flat roofing (GRP) system is ideal for flat roofs. It offers a seamless maintenance free solution to problems traditionally associated with flat roofs.

A GRP fibreglass flat roof is the preferred choice by many as it is tough, durable and carries a long life guarantee.

We use the best product on the market which is especially designed to withstand the elements.

Polyroof 185 GRP fibreglass roofing system

fibreglass-roofing-balconyPolyroof 185 fibreglass is a high performance flat roofing system we use and requires specialist training to install properly.

We are certified GRP fibreglass installers and all our roofers have been trained and certified by Polyroof.

We have installed thousands of homes with fibreglass roofing systems to the highest standards which make us a preferred choice by many.

Is fibreglass the right product for you?



Fibreglass Benefits

  • Suitable for garages, dormers, porches and extensions
  • Can be used for balconies
  • Tough enough for regular foot traffic
  • Resistant to vandalism

Polyroof 185 Includes

  • An optional non slip finish
  • 20-year manufacturer’s guarantee
  • A BBA durability rating of 30+ years

GRP Fibreglass Roof – Best Practices

GRP Fibreglass is more expensive than traditional roofing systems but for that extra premium you do get complete composite fibreglass roofing solution with a 30 year durability rating. There are many other important qualities of a fibreglass roof compared to other systems. Probably the most obvious quality is its strength.

A Fibreglass Roof is Strong

Polyroof 185 can withstand regular foot traffic and with the optional non slip coating makes it an ideal solution for walkways and balconies. We have had many customers with problems of children throwing rocks and climbing garage roofs so fibreglass is an ideal solution for these types of problems too.

Another plus is that a fibreglass roof is cold applied which means you don’t get the usual fire and safety risk associated with conventional roofing systems using exposed flames and boilers. Polyroof 185 achieves external FAA rating to BS 476 Part 3 which is the most stringent test for roofing membranes in the UK.

Fibreglass Box and Valley Gutters

Because of its strength and high resistance to damage, Polyroof 185 can also be used for box and valley gutters. This is a cost saving method as lead is extremely expensive and since fibreglass has no value, it is not prone to theft.

Polyroof Colour Range

polyroof-fibreglass-colour-rangePolyroof also supply this system in a range of colours to blend with natural stone, brick, slate, wood etc.



Custom colours are available on request.
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