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Electronic Integrity Testing

Flat Roof Leak DetectionWith innovative roof leak detection equipment, flat roof leaks can now be located with pinpoint accuracy and quicker than traditional methods.

Traditionally the ‘trial and error’ method were used to find leaks in flat roofs. This was more guess work than anything else where possible leak sources were highlighted and repairs made to potential leak areas.

This type of leak detection was unreliable and often resulted in repeated repairs until the source of the leak was found.

Electronic Roof Testing

electronic-roof-leak-detectionElectronic roof testing changes all that and gives us the ability to find roof leaks faster and more accurate than ever before.

Spark testing (as it’s also known) works by using electricity which follows the path of water ingress to accurately pinpoint a leak.  Using this method has many benefits as opposed to traditional methods but most importantly it saves time and money wasted on costly call out charges and attempted repair costs.

Roof Testing Benefits

  • Cost effective fault diagnosis
  • Locates leaks fast
  • Detects leaks with pinpoint accuracy
  • Non intrusive roof testing
  • Large roof areas can be tested swiftly

Our Clients

  • Gwent Police Authority
  • Glamorgan & Gwent NHS Trust
  • International Rectifier Ltd
  • Smurfit Kappa
  • Torfaen County Borough Council

Roof Leak Specialist

Unlike some companies offering this service we are by nature a flat roofing company who specialise in roof leaks with many years experience and knowledge of roofing systems. With our expertise we can offer the best advice on how to deal with any potential problems.

We don’t expect clients to have knowledge of roofing systems so we make things easy by producing a simple report outlining any problems and then providing the best solutions.

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